Grent's Wet Lube is strongest, longest lasting and most water resistant lubricant. Proven performance for 100-plus mile rides, muddy off-road conditions, long rainy commutes, and foggy salt-air coastal climates.
Articul: 40271


  • Composition: VHVI oil ,set of anti-wear, adhesion and functional additives.
  • Shelf life: 5 years
  • Volume: 60 ml

Chain lubricant for wet weather or riding in the rain. Reduces friction and wear of mechanical parts. High viscosity provides good adhesion. Reaches into tricky places. With regular use extends the service life of the chain. It is recommended to lubricate the chain at least after each 100-150 kilometers, on changing weather or road conditions. For cleaning the chain, use the special chain cleaner spray.

Directions for use

Clean and wipe the chain to get dry. Lubricate the chain turning through the pedals. Avoid getting grease on the wheel rim and brake parts. It may temporarily impact braking.