Grent's Compressed Air Duster Spray is ideal for pressure cleaning electronic components, computer parts, keyboards, fans, switch mechanisms, scientific instruments, precision and optical equipment.
Articul: 40479


  • Composition: propane,butane.
  • Weight: 520
  • Volume: 400
Conventional spray is designed for purging and cleaning of computer equipment for its individual parts, cooling and ventilation systems especially in remote places. Convenient to erase the traces of oils, greases, dust and sand from the sufaces of the parts. Eliminates the need for disassembly and assembly mechanisms. Cleansing occurs without mechanical impact on the product (removing dust, liquids from the parts, does not scratch and leaves no residue). The balloon has a special tube-nozzle. Allows you to quickly dry the wet surface.

Directions for use

Hold the cylinder vertically or inclined  not more than 15 °. Pressing briefly on the button  clean  the surface with the air jet.