Grent's Subzero Wrench was specifically formulated for releasing seized nuts, screws, split pins, rusted joints, hinges, etc. Thermal stress causes microscopic cracks in the rust layer making the releasing process easier.
Articul: 40431


  • Composition: mineral oil, a highly refined petroleum distillate, set of additives, propane, butane.
  • Weight: 520
  • Volume: 400

Fast acting penetrating oil with chilling effect. Reliable cleaner, destroying the structure of rust and corrosion by a combination of thermal shock and penetrating lubricant. The oil quickly penetrates the scale and dirt through the cracks formed due to extreme temperatures and frees corroded connections and mechanical parts. Facilitates loosening of bolts and nuts become attached, dissolves rust, displaces moisture, provides corrosion protection.

Directions for use

Remove dirt and loose rust. Liberally spray the product with a short distance for 2-3 seconds. Let soak for a few minutes. For stubborn connections, fasteners and components, repeat the procedure after 2 minutes.