Our company provides almost a complete line of professional solutions and products designed for the care and maintenance of bicycles of any type and purpose. Since 2005 we have been producing a wide variety of technically advanced bicycle lubricants and other products for bike, and during that time we have accumulated a wealth of experience. Our work is conducted in close cooperation with top athletes and mechanics, so we can guarantee the highest consumer properties of our products.

What are the main advantages we offer?

  • all our products are of perfect quality;
  • we have a very wide range, which is constantly updated with even more sophisticated items;
  • all products are constantly available;
  • we care about preserving the environment.

Bicycles of any type, ranging from light touring models, to advanced racing and mountain bikes, need special products for maintenance purposes. We provide to our clients the most modern lubricant for chains, cleaners, greases and bike wash shampoos. All these products allow you to keep the chassis of the bike in order.

We build our work on the following principles:

  • high customer satisfaction: our product fully meets our customers' expectations, and complies with applicable standards;
  • excellent working atmosphere: our company has extremely low employee turnover, which confirms how well each person at our company understands the work.

Every year more and more customers trust the solutions and products that our company supplies to the market. We are trusted because we are a competent and reliable partner, able to solve complex technical problems.